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Energy Solutions


 Customized Sustainability Solutions

Meeting Your Sustainability Objectives

Owners and operators of commercial properties are facing increasing pressure to improve the environmental performance of their facilities and reduce the amount of energy they consume. This pressure is coming from a number of market drivers:

  • Increasing energy costs, especially for coal fired electricity
  • Increasing levels of legislation with the planned introduction of Mandatory Disclosure for Energy Efficiency
  • Increasing demands of tenants with all government tenants now requiring a minimum Star rating for leased spaces
  • Increasing evidence that buildings with above average Star Ratings will have a higher value than buildings without

The Climate Engineering Sustainability Program is specifically tailored for each customer and each facility to meet specific performance requirements such as:

  • A designated LEED/Star Rating to meet leasing obligations
  • Complying with legislative obligations under proposed Mandatory Disclosure Legislation
  • Meeting internal corporate objective to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Correctly positioning a building in a tight competitive leasing market

Implementing simple and manageable good housekeeping measures you can save a significant amount of energy in a commercial building without compromising the internal environmental quality or comfort levels. These include:

  1. Energy Profile
  2. Energy Opportunity Review
  3. LEED Assessments
  4. Fine Tuning & Commissioning
  5. Building Management System (BMS) Controls Audit
  6. Chiller Monitoring

We estimate that most of the costs associated with a sustainability program would be met from operating expenses as part of a mechanical/controls maintenance contract and as such, would be passed back through to tenants. Any additional costs associated with including these measures as part of the maintenance arrangement should be more than offset by potential energy savings. Overall outgoings for the tenants should remain static and the quality of the indoor environment improved.