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Customer Portal

Customer Portal

 Access HVAC Information Anytime You Want

Depending upon the level of authority you request and the type of Maintenance Agreement you have with Climate Engineering, important information about your air conditioning & mechanical services is only a few clicks away. Using our e-Customer Portal, you can find vital information no matter where you are.

For example, e-Customer Portal is perfect when you’re in a late night work planning session or if you’re working from the comfort of your own home. You can search for information you need – right there and then – to finish the asset management section for next year’s budget.

Access Portal

Because e-Customer Portal is directly linked to the Climate Engineering Maintenance System (powered by Perfectware), you can access call statuses, HVAC and BAS equipment histories, contract details and more.

Additional functionality allows for the submission of service requests. Through the e-Customer Portal, you can view the modifications as the status of the service call changes. This provides you with the ability to see when the request has been received, scheduled, is in progress, or has been completed.

Wherever there is a secure and stable internet connection, Climate Engineering e-Customer Portal puts you in the driver’s seat 24 hours a day.

To explore the time saving and efficiency opportunities e-Customer Portal could bring to you and your team, contact Todd Flannery at 1-303-777-2056.