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Energy Solutions

Working together, Climate Engineering and Centennial Controls provide our clients money-saving energy solutions that mean single-source accountability, unbiased recommendations, and a lifetime partnership.


Providing Solutions for Controlled Energy Use

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Your Single Source

By leveraging our entire portfolio of building automation services from design build through building maintenance, Climate Engineering and Centennial Controls provide a single source of accountability for building automation retrofits. Our primary objective for offering energy solutions is to utilize our capabilities to reduce the operating cost for our clients. After the completion of the project, our organization will maintain an engagement in the building to ensure that the energy project results in sustained operational savings.

We can determine a facility’s overall operating efficiency to devise the most cost effective energy management program. For retrofit projects, we apply the most current technologies to increase reliability, reduce energy consumption, and meet new environmental standards. In accordance with current government incentives, Building Automation System and HVAC retrofits present the single largest opportunity for cutting operating expenses.

Because Climate Engineering and Centennial Controls have a working relationship with a wide spectrum of manufacturers and vendors, you can depend on us to always choose the most suitable fit for each individual project. This customization is driven by each client’s specific client needs and ensures the most direct and hassle free process. Our goal is to build long-term working relationships with our clients.

Energy Efficiency and Smart Buildings

Meeting the growing industry demands to implement energy efficient (green) solutions we create “smart buildings” that control comfort demands while minimizing unnecessary energy consumption. Dramatically reducing the bottom line energy and operational costs, we believe that sound environmental stewardship goes hand in hand with sound business sense.

Actionable Information

Data collected from building control system equipment provides insight to trending or potential issues within your building. Using this data to benchmark your building’s history creates the ability to see issues before they become emergencies. Better decision making for your HVAC system operation enables:

  • Optimal regulation of humidity, temperature, and CO2 levels using a network of sensors and monitors
  • Minimized expenditures, reducing monthly & annual spending due to energy inefficiencies
  • Proactive monitoring and management of internal mechanical system operations and conditions before issues arise

The primary goal of industrial building automation systems is to increase overall operating efficiency and optimize energy usage while improving comfort and safety across the facility.


Retrofitting an existing system can be challenging, but the results are well worth the effort. New, modern systems can dramatically improve the bottom line costs and energy efficiency of a building’s climate system. Utilizing state-of-the-art building controls, we specialize in enhancing comfort, minimizing HVAC repair, reducing energy costs, and improving indoor air quality.


LEED Program

The LEED™ program defines “green building” practices. Its holistic approach encompasses five key areas of human and environmental health giving building owners and operators the tools they need to make a measurable improvement on their building’s efficiency and performance.


Smart Buildings

Smart controls are designed to operate efficiently in the moment, but they also provide data, assisting further with building system optimization efforts. Centennial Controls excels at maintaining and servicing both old or new building control system equipment. Our depth of knowledge enables us to install building control systems in every environment.



Our company places high priority on sustainability efforts and is committed to ongoing collaborative and creative solutions with our team and clients tofor achieveing long-term success.The effective implementation of an Environmental Sustainability Program can reduce your overall energy consumption by 15% – 25% without having to commit to large capital expenditures.